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PostCaptainChaplin on Sun Oct 02, 2016 3:42 pm

1. Username:CaptainChaplin

2. Profile Link:

3. List all of your alternative accounts along with their profile links:There is Kiss-My-Axe, but i dont have its link cuz its banned

4. Kills:8921

5. Deaths:4675

6. Overall K/D Ratio:1.91

7. Level Developer Rank:None

8. Are you currently in a clan?Nope

9. What clans have you joined before?USF

10. Why do you want to join DLN? Cuz its a mature clan. Its the only clan where there are frnds left

11. What can you contribute to the faction and how? Iam Loyal. I am totally against abusing now. I am kind. I can offer the clan my services for ex if u would give me a task i would try ma best to complete the task

12. Which do you consider your best characteristic/trait and why? Kindness cuz at first i used to act immature, but now i have changed that change is a good change.

13.  How can you be active in the the faction (Ex: Discord, Wordpress and Forumotion):everyday 2-3 hours

14. By applying to DLN, you swear to have read and will always follow the laws of DLN and the rules of PB2 Yea
O captain, my captain
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Postmrblake213 on Sun Oct 02, 2016 6:20 pm


After talking shit about us, you expect us to just let you in the faction?

Other than that,
Your answers are so weak.


How do you turn this thing on?

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